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The cost of PAT testing needn’t be expensive

PAT testing services

T&S Lux electrical provide Portable Appliance Testing services to the domestic and commercial markets to protect businesses, employees and families. Our experienced and qualified electricians are local and so have a fast response time. Because we are local, you have the reassurance of where we are and who we are. We are not a faceless company.

We believe being a professional is about more than just being a qualified electrician. It is about delivering on budget and on time, causing minimal disruption and treating your premises as if they were our own. Since we can’t guarantee 100% professionalism if we were to outsource to a less effective company, we don’t. When you book T&S Lux that is exactly who you get. We don’t discriminate based on location. Whether you are based in an affluent postcode or on a council estate, the price is the price. No hidden charges, no preferential treatment, no evasive answers.

Located in Wiltshire

We are a PAT testing company located in Trowbridge, Wiltshire which means we are well placed to service surrounding areas. Need PAT testing in Berkshire? We are there. Located in Summerset, we can come there too.

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“25% of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable appliances and each year about 1000 accidents at work involve electric shock or burns, around 25 of which are fatal.”

The Health and Safety Executive

Not sure what Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is?

Put simply, PAT is much like an MOT for your car. You don’t want your electrical equipment to hurt someone because it is old, or in need of repair. PAT testing makes sure it is safe for use and covers you in terms of liability and in case you need to make an insurance claim in the future.

More and more, insurance companies are making this a minimum requirement for a claim, and even where it isn’t stipulated it is still sometimes used to argue that the policy holder has not taken all reasonable care. There is no legal requirement to do this, but PAT testing is a popular electrical service because there are many other incentives.

The testing does not take very long, only a matter of minutes, and the cost is relatively cheap as well. For the peace of mind you are investing in, it is a no brainer.

For peace of mind


Less risk

Adhere to the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and reduce your liability


Comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and protect your people



Minimise the risk of fire due to faulty or damaged electrical equipment and don’t lose an insurance payout on a technicality

PAT Testing Prices

When you hire T&S Lux Electrical for your PAT testing needs you get a unique numbered NIC EIC approved asset label, an asset register for your records and a Certificate of Conformity to prove your compliance.

The price for this safety and peace of mind tends to be between £1 – £2 per item with a minimum charge to cover our costs. Large orders encoruage discounts and some items take longer to test than others. The best thing to do is get a no obligation quote for the time it take to make a coffee.

PAT testing is very important for compliance with health and safety law and fire risk assessments. Basically, under current UK legislation every business has a legal obligation to make sure all their electrical equipment is safe where it may potentially cause injury.

Not sure when you need PAT testing?

Have a word with one of our electricians and they will be able to tell you based on your description of the items. Their recommendation will be based on a number of factors including the risk of the appliance becoming faulty, the nature of its use and the environment in which it is being used.

General wear and tear will be need to be considered too. This means that building sites are going to need PAT more frequently than an office, the environment of which is subject to a lot less wear and tear. Often an annual certificate will be required where you are introducing your electrical equipment to a venue. If the item has been PAT tested before you will see a label on it detailing the asset number and date for when the next test is due.


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