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As a modern homeowner, maximising the full potential of your property is one of the top items on the agenda as your family’s needs continue to grow.
T & S Lux Electrical is a loft conversion company that can transform your loft, garage, or barn into a living space that can add space and value in one fell swoop.

When looking to expand the home, turning an unloved and unused space into a crucial asset is the smartest option by far. With T & S Lux Electrical, we pride ourselves on making the process easy, affordable, and built exclusively with your needs in mind.

From concept to completion, our specialist electricians guarantee 100% satisfaction!

Loft Conversions at T & S Lux Electrical

Whether it’s adding a bedroom (or two), a games room, or any other living space, loft conversions signal a cost-effective way to expand your home and prevent the need to move out. Our loft conversion builders are perfectly placed to help you throughout every step of the process.

At T & S Lux Electrical, we have worked with an eclectic range of property types and sizes. Likewise, we’ve helped clients that have wanted to add en-suite bathroom facilities as well as those that have a need to reinforce the floors to handle heavy loads. Whatever your projects, we can guide you through the design phases of work to your existing brief before completing the quality conversions you deserve.

Our team can also construct dormers to maximise the space and drive the value of your property to the greatest possible heights. Designs are bespoke to your requirements and can include additional storage space, space-saving staircases, and a host of additional features that you may deem essential for your family needs.

The sky’s the limit when choosing our professional loft conversions.


We take care of every aspect of the project from clearing and prepping the space to rewiring, fitting new joists, laying the new floors, adding rafters, installing windows and doors, insulation, and decorating. When choosing T & S Lux Electrical, you can relax in the knowledge that the loft conversion of your dreams is just around the corner.

Garage Conversions at T & S Lux Electrical

If you need extra space around the home but don’t want (or can’t) convert the loft space, garages stand out as a great alternative. The work is less obtrusive due to the fact it’s an entity of its own while the opportunity to gain living spaces on the ground floor appeals to many people too.

As with loft conversions, this type of project requires a professional touch. Specialist garage conversion companies are the only solution due to the tight regulations and planning permissions that need to be addressed during the design phase. If you live in Wiltshire, T & S Lux Electrical is the ultimate option and will guarantee the perfect conversion in the fastest time possible.

Our team has transformed single garages and double garages while covering every aspect of the project. It’s not just a case of adding the furnishings; you’ll first need to clear the space before making it habitable with insulation, plumbing, wiring, flooring, and a host of extra features. We can do all of those things as well as add the aesthetic beauty.


Losing a place to store the car is a small price to pay in return for an extra bedroom, lounge, or kitchen. Whether the garage is a separate building or sits within the floor plans of the main property, T & S Lux Electrical will unlock the full potential of this truly wonderful space.

Barn Conversions at T & S Lux Electrical

 If your home is blessed with a barn, this is another leading candidate for a conversion. In addition to increasing the dimensions of the living spaces, it could be key to injecting a new sense of magic into the property while maintaining the unique presence of the building.

Only barn conversion specialists like T & S Lux Electrical can truly find the right balance to add the modern function while staying true to the building. Works may include repairing existing walls and roofing, focusing on the joinery, or adding new floors that fit the overall vibe and atmosphere. Our experts can complete all of those jobs in a fast and affordable fashion.

Again, we can provide plenty of design tips to help you unlock the true potential of this living area. Alternatively, if you have a clear vision in mind, we are the perfect team to bring it to life. Either way, our barn conversions provide quality, function, and aesthetic beauty time and time again.

Leaving this space unused is never an option, even if the home already feels big enough for your family’s needs. It is an area that can bring a whole new dimension to the home while adding value in terms of both function and finances. Given that our work is unobtrusive too, there’s never been a better time to act.

Why Choose T & S Lux Electrical? 

At T & S Lux Electrical, we’ve been supporting Wiltshire homeowners for over 25 years. Our commitment to your requirements is underlined by our almost perfect record of completing projects on time and budget while our positive reviews speak for themselves too.

In addition to being NICEIC Registered Domestic Installers, our continued dedication to evolving our service with modern strategies, premium materials, and quality craftsmanship guarantees that your barn, garage or loft conversion will continue to improve your home for years to come.

We appreciate that converting a part of your home is a major commitment both financially and emotionally, which is why we also offer free quotations on all proposed projects. Likewise, we’re happy to provide creative ideas if you desire – although the final decisions are always yours.

Our only goal is to provide you with a conversion you can be proud of.

Let's get it done


To discuss the possibilities for your barn, garage, or loft conversion project, contact us today on 07515 257 446 or Your home will feel bigger and better in no time.


Dear Jon, May we express our appreciation in the way that you and your team competed the work in a most satisfactory manner.

Joyce & Michael Saunders

Hi Jon. Thank you so much for the work you have carried out on the house for us, we are very pleased.

Hannah Welch

Dear Jon, My daughter Jane and I cannot believe how much you have been able to achieve in such a short time. It all looks fantastic and means I can move directly to Rode from Valley farm on 25th May which I thought was not going to be possible, thank you and congratulations on a really fast, clean job.

Robin Mckenzie

Many thanks for your prompt and professional service.

Bill and Babs Vivash

T&S Lux Electrical, Please find cheque enclosed for work carried out to upgrade fuse box etc. Very many thanks for a prompt and professional job done.

Mrs Glyne Golden

Thanks for a job well done.

Peter Hogben


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